Impeller humidifiers use a spinning disk that is sunken under water. They spin water into a diffuser that creates a fine mist to scatter the water into the air. It is usually advised by the manufacturer to use distilled water with this type of machine. These impeller devices are usually small and designed to humidify a smaller area, usually one per room.

There are basically two types of humidification. One is a warm mist and the other is cool. Three kinds of cool mist units are currently available in the market today. The three types are ultrasonic, evaporative and impeller. They can hold between one and fourteen gallons of water. In a dry, warm environment cool mist is advised.

Dry air can be very much of a detriment to anything made of wood, like furniture, floors, and acoustic musical instruments. Dry wood cracks. Paint is also affected by the lack of humidity. These machines can also help to control temperature, eliminate static electricity and alleviate breathing difficulties. Dry air usually has a colder temperature than moist air. In cold climates using a humidification machine will reduce heating costs by making the area feel warmer.

Impeller humidifiers are a solution to Air conditioning and forced air furnaces that dry the air reducing the humidity. This can cause breathing problems, especially for people who suffer from asthma and allergies. Dry air also contributes to dry skin and eyes. Therefore people with afflictions like eczema have more flair ups of their condition. With allergies, the sinuses become dry and irritated often resulting in sinus headaches. Putting moisture in the air helps to alleviate these conditions.

In impeller machines, bacteria can be a health hazard. Keeping the unit clean by emptying and refilling daily as well as adding hydrogen peroxide will eliminate bacteria. Mineral buildup can also be a concern, therefore it is suggested that these units contain only distilled water.

When purchasing one of these units, make sure it is rated for the space where it will be used. Ratings are listed on websites and printed on their boxes. It would be prudent to purchase a machine that is rated for a larger area than the room space that it is intended. By doing this it is assured to produce the maximum benefits.

How often the unit must be filled will depend on how large the water tank is. Removable tanks are available while others must be filled by other means. Some machines come with on-board hydrometers and are often controlled by the setting a person determines. Some impeller humidifiers turn off when the water reservoir is empty, keeping the machine safe from motor burn out.

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